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Drew Canole is a rock star in the world of fitness, nutrition, and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time. As the founder of and Organifi, he is committed to sharing educational, inspirational, and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing, and longevity. Drew believes that people are at their best when challenged. He pushes others to bust through personal barriers and reach new heights in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy
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I Challenge You to Make a Commitment Today and Tell Yourself:

“I am ready to Pursue My Happiness, Live My Life Deliberately, and Be My Truest Self.”

“Your journey is also my journey. You will never have to do this alone. We’re in this together . . . more than you and I will ever know.”

Start Your Quest to Self Realization with “You Be You”

This book is not about setting goals, is not a weight-loss book or miracle solution, and is not a sugarcoated version of the journey.

It is about committing to your journey - about freeing yourself from mental bondage and reaching your highest form of self.

But with great risk comes great reward.

The program I laid out for you is simple, but not easy. There is struggle, and you will have to face your fears and demons head on.

You will be empowered to experience real lasting results, greater freedom, happiness, and abundance in your life.

Together, we will strip off the layers of programming, insecurities, and crippling habits that dimmed your inner light.

What’s Inside

This book is filled with actionable habits and steps you can take to develop your personalized roadmap to success. Combining over 10 years of personal growth research and testing, I am providing you with a condensed framework designed to get you results. It is packed with real-life stories of transformation from real people who applied my principles, and even experiences from my own life. With this toolkit of knowledge and experience, you will be empowered to make dramatic change in your life, and spread your light to others around you.

Detox Your Life

We will work together to prepare and detox your mind, body and soul. You will create a commitment that reaches into your subconscious to spark powerful change to manifest what you want in life. We’ll explore your “whydentity”, your deepest most authentic purpose for existence, and prepare you for your detox process by honoring your body.

This is where we face your fears and use them to propel you to greatness. We’ll loosen the shackles of fear by facing them head on and understanding what is at the root of them. You’ll learn how to identify your limitations and discover why they are in place, learning from real-world examples of people like you who’ve overcome the limiting beliefs they were conditioned to have.

Crush Your Limitations

In this section, we’ll focus on building your soul map - your vision for your “whydentity.” We’ll focus on integrating new habits effortlessly so that your transformation is seamless and unshakable. You’ll learn how to tap into your Source - fully embracing your light and unconditionally loving, accepting, and forgiving your true self, both light and dark. Lastly, you’ll learn about togetherness, and how committing to loving yourself is the same as a commitment to love others.

Own Your Awesome

“You see, I believe you are here for a reason. I believe we are sharing space on this planet—in whatever dimension you happen to be right now—intentionally. No accidents.

“You Be You” Will Help You

Live with More Purpose and Passion in Your Life

Feel More Confident and Connected

Overcome Fears and Limitations

Achieve Goals in Less Time

Create Lasting Change that Reaches into Your Subconscious

Reconnect With and Liberate Your Deep, Inner-Self

Thought Leaders Are Excited About “You Be You”

Do You Ever Feel

If you’re like many in our community, you’ve read your fair share of self-help books, or tried programs, diets, cleanses and workouts that promised you results but got you nowhere.

Aimless without a purpose in life?

Afraid of the opinions of friends, family, or others in your circle?

Pressured by images in the media and online that make you feel inferior and inadequate?

If you’re trying to make changes  because society tells you that you should look a certain way, or have certain possessions or signs of success, you are focused on the wrong goal.

You are looking outward for your happiness, when the key has been inside you all along.

Are you ready to break free from your fears and limitations and align yourself with your truest inner-being? The real you who is buried under layers of conditioning, rejection, and suppression?

Let’s do this together.

Want An Inside Look?

Watch the Trailer

You’re Here For a Reason.
It’s Time to Find Your Purpose.

“To truly transform your life - mind, body and soul, you must be willing to put in the work.  I've seen Drew Canole put in the work for years to get to where he is, and this book will guide you to overcome your limitations as well.”

Lewis Howes, New York Times Best Selling Author of The School of Greatness


“You Be You carries not only an important message for our time, but I believe ultimately it's the only message that will lead us to the transformation and results we all desire deep down. Drew’s willingness to be vulnerable gives us permission to release our fears and shame around our stories and instead see how they can be the most powerful thing we can use to step into to our authentic path.”

Lori Harder
Best Selling Author (A Tribe Called Bliss) Top 100 Podcast Host, Transformational Coach, Fitness World Champion

Results speak for themselves. Drew has already impacted the lives of millions of people in a meaningful way. But what many people hadn't seen was the inner work he did to be the person who provides so much outer value. In You Be You, Drew will show you how to tap into your own brilliance, own your awesome, and live the life you deserve.

Shawn Stevenson
Bestselling Author Sleep Smarter

“Drew has a way of connecting a person to their innermost self in a way that I've never seen before. He is the perfect person to write this book to help you align and transform into who you're meant to be.”

Amanda Bucci
Entrepreneur and Influencer

“Drew’s commitment to total-living wellness inspires the world to embrace our overall health with greater passion and a renewed commitment to self. I’m forever grateful. “

Matt Kahn
Everything is Here to Help You

“You Be You, is a book that gives you unapologetic permission to show up in your greatest expression for who you are. The guidelines laid out will give you the cellular tools to un-layer your magic.

Danette May
Leading Health Expert
Creator of The Rise Movement

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©2018 Drew Canole. All rights reserved.

You’re Here for a Reason. It’s Time to Find Your Purpose.